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Some relevant links for the times:

Monsoon III, a timelapse of local thunderstorms (I recognize many locations near here, along with some shots of Phoenix and the Ditch). View fullscreen for best effect. The prevalence of dust storms is, um, overstated, but yes, that's what the our summer (second half) is like. (via)

Machines making tiny springs. Just as hypnotic as the above. (via)

The Yale Record does not endorse Hillary Clinton. (via Janni)


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Things the world's most and least privileged people say. (via Janni)

An adaptation of Star Wars IV: A New Hope as a very long infographic. (via)

And because I love you for putting the 'trophy' in 'astrophysics', here's a pun generator. (via)


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TBD is two years and ten months old, and as of last week suddenly looking, moving, and acting like a three-year-old. Next to actual three-year-olds on the playground, I can't tell the difference. Above and beyond this, I've been getting glimpses of older-child face in certain moments and moods, which is a little startling.

Forgot to mention last update: there's now a marked preference for using the right hand for many tasks, including screw-top containers -- which is another new achievement unlocked. Also unlocked, since then: taking a DVD out of the case, putting it into the player, using the remote to start the movie (this is the hardest part), and then putting everything away and turning it all off. We are starting to sort objects by color (such as bowls or plates), and getting more accurate with counting small sets.

This kid sooo wants to grow up already. We've been informed that when dressed in a dragon costume, TBD is a grown-up dragon, not a baby dragon. For a while, every kind of interesting truck, we were asked whether you have to be a grown-up to drive it (as opposed to just a "bigger-bigger kid," as with a pickup).

We spent half this past month sick, which meant far more TV than usual, possibly more even than reading. Media consumed the most includes My Neighbor Totoro repeatedly, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood (favorite character: Katerina Kittycat, to which both Janni and I are all Of Course, since Henrietta was our favorite as a child meow-meow), and nursery rhymes from the Little Baby Bum channel on YouTube. Oddly, I've been banned from singing "Low Bridge," aka the Erie Canal Song -- the prohibition has been repeated every bedtime for a month. Other songs are still welcome, and sometimes TBD can repeat one after hearing it just a couple times.

We've made the acquaintance of some invisible friends: Gina, Dhowie, and Hahee. Gina is human -- she's at the same preschool and sometimes comes over for a play-date. Dhowie is capable of hiding in very small spaces, and sometimes seems to exist only in order to ask, "Where's Dhowie?" Hahee is more shadowy and has little discernible personality, that I can see.

Talking, talking includes more, and more complicated, complete sentences. Pronunciation sometimes is a struggle: "shoulder" and "stroller" are hard to resolve, and they are very different means of travel. And then there's some idiosyncratic names for things: ramen and udon noodles are both "ramen" -- oops, made the wrong one. Another developmental milestone: enumeration by exhaustion -- "I want that one and that one and that one and ... "

Didn't write down many good conversations, though:

TBD: "I'm a baby grown-up."
Me: "That's right."
TBD: "You baby grown-up?"
Me: "No, I'm a grown grown-up."
TBD: "Yeah."

TBD: "I want to fly on a top like Totoro."
Janni: "Me too. I would love to have one of those."
TBD: "Target?"

Would that we could get one there, kid -- would that we could.


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TBD is two years and nine months old, and looking and acting even more like a small child.

I've only recently come to appreciate how much repetition is essential to toddlers -- not just for comfort, but how they process this big, confusing world. It's developmental. Conversations and questions are repeated because that's how the content gets internalized, confirming that things haven't changed in at least this one way. Ditto all the play working on processing emotional subjects and states.

The book collection is getting out of control -- we've 'sploded the bookcase in TBD's room, and piles are constantly falling off the coffee table. Books are starting to be requested, especially ones advertised in books in hand -- and if the library doesn't have something, "Bookstore?" Needless to say, the solution is not fewer books but better storage. "Daddy, read book" is a hard plea to resist, as is "More book." As for subjects, non-fiction is trending, and not just about trucks and construction equipment but the natural world.

Favorite TV right now is Ponyo, and we sometimes play-act Ponyo searching for Sousuke or the reverse. Other media enjoyed include Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood and some Winnie the Pooh movies, but they're running a very distant second at the moment.

As for speaking, for a couple weeks TBD sometimes swapped syllables in unexpected ways: "holeman" for manhole, "backypig" for piggyback. This seems to be passing, though. OTOH, stumbling over words while trying to get out a complete sentence continues, and remains adorable. Emotions are getting more expression, directly, in conversation, and in play. And this time, I did manage to note more talking, talking:

Enough of them, they get a cut for length )

As you can tell, there's more singing. Music class has started a new term, to TBD's joy, and the song parts of library story-time get all the interest. That, and picking out another two books to check out. *glances again at book piles*

And so it goes -- life as fast as a toddler on a bicycle.


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Been a while since I linked a weather timelapse: Chase, this one being thunderstorms of the Plains States. Storms! (via)

10 medieval illuminations of butt-licking cats. Why yes, monks did draw from life. (via)

Over in [community profile] poetry, I recently did a week of women poets from the Kokinshu who are not Ono no Komachi, including an empress, an imperial concubine, a lady-in-waiting, an entertainer, and an otherwise unknown aristocrat. I've posted all these translations here before, but not threaded on such a string: Ise, mother of Ono no Chifuru, Mikuni no Machi/Ki no Kaneko, Shirome, and Fujiwara no Takaiko/Nijô Empress.


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A few awesome things:

Trailer for Shake the Dust, a documentary about breakdancers from the slums of Uganda, Yemen, Cambodia, and Colombia. Seriously good moves on show. (via)

Congressman John Lewis cosplaying as himself at ComiCon. (via)

"Sea-Fever" by Arthur Guiterman, plus the Masefield poem it parodies.


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A graduation film: "Celles et Ceux des Cimes et Cieux". Influences by Miyazaki are worn on the sleeve, in a good way. One influence missed, though, is that the protagonist is supposed to be the girl. Ah, well. (via)

Your earworm for the day, with bonus hysterical laughter: "The Björk Song" by Lore Sjöberg. (via)

Your hysterical laughter of the day: 2015 Lyttle Lytton contest winners. (via all over)
The bastard mayor tossed the money to his criminals. “Heh heh heh,” everyone said.

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Vids, vids, vids:

AMV for the works of Studio Ghibli: "Creating Something Beautiful." (via)

Timelapse: taking a belt sander to various objects (log, electronics, skull) and stripping away one thin layer at a time. (via)

Weird Al Yankovik works his magic on Pharrell's "Happy" with "Tacky." Awesomely bad outfits a-hoy! (via)


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One obviously well-read guy's list of The 200 Greatest Adventure Novels published before 1984. (via)

Journalist investigates global beauty standards by asking photoshoppers around the world to make the same photograph of herself "beautiful." (via)

Sometimes narration gets in the way: "The Gunfighter." (via)


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I may need to get this: Childhood. Even with the, ah, slightly wonky Japanese texts. (via)

Darth Vader says "No, I am your father" in 20 languages, all from official versions. German and Japanese are the best -- after James Earl Jones's original English dub, of course. (via)

The Great Emu War. (Not to be confused with The Cod Wars.) (via)


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Links of moving pictures:

Timelapse of five years of an exploding star stitched together from Hubble images. (via)

Stop-motion of origami animals folded from tissue paper. (via)

A 19-year-old gamer geek liveblogs watching Star Wars for the first time: A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, The Return of the Jedi. Pullquote:
The message of this music is "Vader is now in charge of all of you" and I am on board with this
ETA: Post-game analysis on Hope, Empire, Jedi. (via)


Subject quote from "Four Walls," Charlotte Martin.
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Peoples and words, words and peoples.

Photos of people around the world posing with the food they eat in a day. (via)

A linguist explains how English came to have gendered pronouns without gendered nouns/adjectives. Pull-quote: "It’s really hard for me to take seriously any claims about The Decline of English Among Kids These Days when you consider that if kids didn’t talk a bit differently each generation we’d still be speaking Pre-Proto-Indo-European." (via)

All the dialog of Star Wars: A New Hope in alphabetical order. Fun fact: "lightsaber" appears exactly once. (via)


Subject quote from "Lines Composed a Few Miles above Tintern Abbey on Revisiting the Banks of the Wye During a Tour, July 13, 1798," William Wordsworth.
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The mountains look misty this morning, though it is probably dust from the winds, and the light of the sunrise over the ridge was muted. The neighborhoods are starting to smell of orange blossoms. Spring is springing.

A couple more video bits:

Someone attached a cam to the beak of a rescued pelican being taught how to fly. Yes, it's a GoPro ad. You still want to watch it. (via)

"Legend," a timelapse video of Icelandic landscapes set to the music of a Japanese post-rock band. Because Sigur Rós wasn't available? I dunno. Still beautiful. (via)

Another short, nearly wordless (some written English) fantasy movie: "Deathinger." This one's Taiwanese animation, and is hella cute. Children of personifications of death attend a school for psychopomps. (via)


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A couple skiffy bits:

Very short movie: "Timeholes" does a good job with its premise. NSFW for full rear nudity. (via)

A slightly longer but still very short movie: "The Reward," a graduation project from a Danish animation school. No language barriers.* (via coworker)

An outline of your bestselling disaster novel: what happens if the entire Cascadia subduction zone** rips the big one. Accompanying maps are here.


* The craft of telling a purely visual story is a good one to learn.

** Not to be confused with The Cascada Subduction Zone.

Subject quote from "The Ballad of Judas Iscariot," Robert Buchanan.
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I do not generally pay as much attention to vidding as I do other fannish activities* -- possibly for the same reasons I don't actually watch very much in the way of television or movies. But I did find it fun to pick through the master list of this year's Festivids (sometimes described as the Yuletide of vidding -- focusing specifically on fandoms rarely vidded). Some I found particularly interesting:

Winter’s Bone to "White Chalk" by hollywoodgrrl -– The focus here is mostly on the relationship between the siblings, with a song that is pitched almost perfectly to the movie's tone.

Spirited Away to "Kids" by Shati -– Catches moments where the song's lyrics apply startlingly well (the line "take only what you need from it" is only the start).

Pride and Prejudice (1995) to "Superfly" by blithesea -- Because in his own mind at least, Mr. Collins is superfly.

Lego Star Wars to "9 to 5" by eruthros -- The workday life of a Lego stormtrooper a la Dolly Parton.

Pacific Rim to "Moves Like Jagger" by Di, who calls this "Moves Like Jaeger" -- Focus on the moments when jaegers and pilots move like they're dancing. (Honorable mention among Pacific Rim vids to "King and Lionheart" by vi0lace, which I thought did the best job of focusing on Mako Mori -- but which does not have the sublimeness of mecha disco time.)

And for the pure silliness: Monty Python and the Holy Grail to "Drive My Car" by sabinetzi -– Coconut horses during the chorus -- 'nuff said.

I didn't watch everything, just what caught my eye. Your mileage may vary. Recs posted by weight not volume.

* Short shameful confession: I keep thinking that one of these years I'll learn some minimal vidding skills, just so I can do an Aria vid to Iron & Wine's "Passing Afternoon" focusing on Akari/Neo Venezia -- which is, after all, the real OTP of the series. But so many things, so little time.


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"Revisiting the Backlist: Marrying Libraries" by Anne Fadiman.* So very yes. Moving in together was not, itself, a big deal -- that it meant merging our libraries made it a Very Big Commitment. Especially the questions of whose duplicate copy to cull. (via?)

Star Wars characters reimagined as 1980s high school comedy characters. (via)

Quaker humor may be a rather specialized thing,** but in case it tickles you, "What Does George Fox Say?" I fell over laughing, myself. FWIW, the chorus is all real quotes. (via)

* If you haven't read her Ex Libris: Confessions of a Common Reader, I highly recommend it. If you have, I highly recommend rereading it.

** "Friend, I would not hurt thee for the world, but thou standeth where I am about to shoot."


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Video for Vienna Teng's "Level Up," a song I'm still obsessing on and not just because of the great breakdancing. (via)

Performance of "Fairytale of New York" in Irish, and I don't know whether it amuses me more someone translated it or that the performers play it straight-up folksinger earnest. (via)

Trailer to Noclip, a movie that I am sad is not being made because I would WATCH THE HELL OUT OF IT. Having the cheat codes to the video game that is life is an awesome premise for a YA novel -- or movie. (via)


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In a world where Jerry Bruckheimer made Monty Python and the Holy Grail, one trailer rose in the darkness. See also My Neighbor Totoro as a horror movie. (via)

In a world where housing ---- er, sorry. Got carried away there. But ya have to admit, this cheap, frameless geodesic dome is pretty neat. Not a full house, it looks like it makes for an excellent writing shack. Note that the instructions elide over the issue of flooring. (via)

Free HTML version of volume 1 of The Feynman Lectures on Physics, with volumes 2 and 3 to come. (via)


Subject quote from "The Prisoner," Emily Bronte.
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"Can we stop worrying about Millenials yet?" (via)

A trailer for She's Not Quirky. I'm in. (see also) (both via)

On singing the lesbian blues in the 1920s. New slang learned: "bulldaggers." (via)


Subject quote from "The U in Buick" by John Coinman.

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