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Exciting times in astronomy and astrophysics:

Electromagnetic and gravitational waves observed together for the first time, from a nova* called GW170817 caused by the collision of two neutron stars. More. Among other really cool results, a demonstration that as Einstein predicted gravitational waves travel at the speed of light.

Half of the mass of the universe, previously missing, has been found hiding between the seat cushions. More. This is the ordinary ("baryonic") matter we know about and are -- we were pretty sure it had to be somewhere, based on models of the universe, but couldn't see it because it's not hot (i.e., inside stars) and so isn't bright -- as opposed to the still-unobserved "dark matter" that we think is causing other, weirder effects. (via)

New hypothesis about knots in the early universe suggests that they provide an answer to both why the universe is three dimensional (knots can only form in 3D spaces -- they can be unraveled in higher dimensional spaces) and what powered the early inflationary universe. (via)

* Technically a kilonova.


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Some scholarly links. Feel free to school them as appropriate:

You can download free PDFs of all 21 volumes of the University of Chicago's Dictionary of Akkadian, with bonus link to a recording of part of Gilgamesh in the original. (via)

"In a breakthrough that disproves decades of conventional wisdom, two mathematicians have shown that two different variants of infinity are actually the same size." (via)

A very meaty article about the relationship between laws of physics and axioms of mathematics, and how they are selected. (The horrible title does not accurately represent the actual content.) (via?)


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How a wildfire kicked up a 45,000-foot column of flames. (via)

The quest to return flavor to supermarket tomatoes. Until this year, my father always grew fresh tomatoes in the garden, often heritage varieties. I never, ever eat supermarket tomatoes. They are yuck. (Except some heritage cherry tomatoes.) (via)

"Something had to go to make room for the [sea] turtles." Namely, giant aquatic sloths. Yes, really. Yes, and a whole bunch of other marine megafauna. But: giant aquatic sloths. (via)


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As usual, three links make a post:

This is What Happens When You Teach an AI to Name Guinea Pigs. (via)

In Japan, robot battles often take place in small sumo rings and are incredibly fast -- these videos are real-time. (via)

Woodswimmer: stop-motion animation of successive cross-sections of wood. "There's a lot going on inside wood." (via)


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Fractal, a timelapse of supercell thunderstorms with GORGEOUS lighting (and lightning). Bonus: music by Avro Pärt. (via)

An aurora called Steve. (via)

7 ways to maximize your misery. (via)


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Links content alert: hitting fish.

18 science facts we didn't know at the start of 2017. (via)

Narwhals use their tusks to hunt -- specifically, to tap and stun fish so they can eat them. (via previous link)

Bats argue a lot. (via)

And in conclusion: narwhals are codbonkers.


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Is it time for a post of links? Yes, it is time for a post of links. Let us link:

Timelapse from the cockpit of an overnight flight from Zurich to São Paulo. (via)

Are speed limits frequently too low? Spoiler: arguably yes, at least in the US. (via)

Portal post reorganizing Wikipedia's list of cognative biases based on what problem each is trying to solve. (via?)


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Three obviously related links of awesomeness:

The motion of 2 million stars over 5 million years. (via)

All of NASA's photos and videos in a single, searchable website: Aw, yisssss. (via)

Prince and Muppets. You're welcome. (via)


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More links:

Why shoelaces eventually come undone. Short answer: when your foot comes down, the sudden stop tugs a very tiny bit on the free ends of the bow, and the tiny tugs build up. (via)

A solar-powered device that condenses water out of low-humidity air. Mind you, that 20% humidity is pretty moist for a desert: our evaporative cooler works effectively only below that, which is most of the time outside of rainy season. Good stuff anyway.

There is heat below the surface of Enceladus. (via)


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Meanwhile, have some linkies:

A complete rotation of the moon, stitching together high-resolution photos from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter.* So you can see the back side in HD. (via)

Making a dugout canoe by hand. (via)

Beautiful trolling. Feel free to poke around at some of the other explanations.

* One of the few robots in space that TBD isn't interested in ... the name is not exactly small-child-friendly.


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The Interactive Periodic Table describes how we use each element. (via)

Fossilized dinosaur feathers found in amber. Check out the size of the 'saur, too. (via)

Photos by Dorothea Lange documenting the process of interning Japanese Americans during WWII, which were censored until 2006. (via)


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Repeat After Me, a comic by Maki Naro about psychology's reproducibility problem. (via)

The Saga-Steads of Iceland, a blog documenting reading the Icelandic sagas in the locations where each is set. (via)

I really want a Finnish-speaker's opinion on what it's like to read The Song of Hiawatha in Finnish. (Did the translator use the Kalevala meter that Longfellow was imitating, or did they imitate the imitation? And what would THAT sound like?)


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Why we shouldn't bother colonizing Io: every time it's eclipsed by Jupiter, its sulfur dioxide atmosphere freezes out, only to sublime back into a gas when warmed by the sun. (via)

The biggest ant war ever is still going on right now. (via)

My brother-in-law gives a TEDx talk: introduction to the double-bass, including some wicked playing.


Subject quote from "Mount Vernon," Grenville Mellen. Yes, that's in Spenserian stanzas. Really.
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Three extraordinary things:

Many lichens are not a symbiosis of algae and fungi, as we've long thought: large numbers are a symbiosis of algae, fungi, and yeast. (via)

On June 20-21, Icelandic state television RÚV did a 24-hour live broadcast of a drive on the Ring Road, all the way around Iceland, to the soundtrack of a procedurally generated 24 hour remix of Sigur Rós's "Óveður." I caught parts of this livestreamed online, and had fun recognizing places I've been. The recording is finally up on the band's website: "Route One" Content warning: hypnotic Icelandic landscapes. (via)

Via All of Bach (previously): Der Friede sei mit dir (BWV 158).


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