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Some scholarly links. Feel free to school them as appropriate:

You can download free PDFs of all 21 volumes of the University of Chicago's Dictionary of Akkadian, with bonus link to a recording of part of Gilgamesh in the original. (via)

"In a breakthrough that disproves decades of conventional wisdom, two mathematicians have shown that two different variants of infinity are actually the same size." (via)

A very meaty article about the relationship between laws of physics and axioms of mathematics, and how they are selected. (The horrible title does not accurately represent the actual content.) (via?)


Subject quote from "Mador of the Moor," Canto I, James Hogg.
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In honor of today's end of mission, here are some Saturn flyby movies using Cassini photos. (via)

ETA: Animation of some of Cassini's last photos, showing Enceladus setting behind Saturn.

The world's oldest known trigonometric table is a 3,700-year-old cuneiform tablet. It is, to boot, highly accurate. (via)

Rocket Man, Elton John (Official Music Video), directed by an Iranian refugee. (via Janni)


Subject quote, also in honor of Cassini, is from the "The Earthly Paradise," Introduction to March, William Morris.
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TBD is four years + one month old.

Achievements unlocked this last month: counting before seeking in hide-and-seek, connect-the-dots pictures, a recognizable written A, recognizing own $realname by spelling out the letters, appreciation of fractured fairy tales, and funhouse mirrors. TBD is trying to figure out how rhymes work, and asking us if a given pair of words rhyme, but this is not down solid yet. It is a harder leap than I remember. Also, they've started remembering dreams and reporting details surreal enough ("I dreamed I was a white car") that we believe they were not invented.

Three emotion-related bits:

1. TBD has learned that soldiers fight and kill, and while they are supposed to fight only other soldiers, they also know that people do not always do what they are supposed to. That there is an air base on the edge of town and half the aircraft overhead are fighting planes also became clear at the same time. Nonetheless, a visit to the local Air and Space Museum, which is slanted towards military craft, was greatly enjoyed -- especially the space exploration exhibits.

2. While shopping for a Mother's Day gift, TBD remembered without prompting Janni's one-time comment several weeks before that she likes challenging jigsaw puzzles, and insisted on getting the biggest one we could find: 2000 pieces. That is, on own initiative picked out something they themselves didn't want. They did, in the end, find that many pieces overwhelming, but have been helping gamefully with small, localized subsets. Sometimes. (Sometimes, they do one of their own puzzles next to the big one. Or just whine for attention.)

3. Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day has been the bedtime reading nine nights in a row now.

In physical skills, we now all use full-size dinner plates because, gasp, TBD sometimes wants more than one thing on it at a time, even at the risk of them getting mixed. Also, I'm needing less and less to echo statements/questions to make sure I've understood them correctly -- or at least, for pronunciation: when the sentence gets tangled up or has antecedents missing, I still need to try a clear version, to make sure I'm responding to the right thing.

Which of course leads into talking, talking:

"Daddy, you be on a march."
"What's this march about?"
"Is this against planets or supporting them?"
"A march for planets. Got it."

$friend: "When I shoot ice, you get frozen."
TBD: "When I shoot webs, you get stuck."
(playing superheroes)

"Hey Siri, why do some people died?"
(this was TBD's first question for Siri; it was followed up with "Why do some rocket ships have a lot of astronauts?")

"Who is is Lunchbox Squarepants?"

"What are Scooby-Dooby snacks?"
(followed shortly by "What was the earliest dinosaur?")

"What comes before 1?"
(followed two days later by "What comes before 0?" -- and explaining negative numbers is HARD. First try using a number line didn't take -- will try again soon.)

"We are the dentasaurs!"

"I'm a superhero."
"Well it's time for the superhero to go to bed."
"But I have to save the day!"

Needless to say, the superhero had to save another day.


Subject quote from "Show Me," Mint Royale.
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Two roads diverged in a yellow wood. Do you take the one less traveled by or the one more traveled by? (via)

This post about extra trigonometry functions has a figure with the caption "A diagram with a unit circle and more trig functions than you can shake a stick at. (It's well known that you can shake a stick at a maximum of 8 trig functions.)" How can you resist the clicky? (via)

Even though there's no Wolgemut, this is still a rocking party mix of medieval music. (via)


Subject quote from "Love and Sleep," Algernon Charles Swinburne.
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ProTip: Do not get strep throat and a sinus infection at the same time.

Short shameful confession: I would love being a professional yarn detangler. Or even semi-pro. (via lost)

Poking at the limitations of quantum mechanics. (via lost)

A report on a 1519 Latin primer for schoolboys, with English translations of the dialog.


Subject quote from "Red Sea, Black Sea," Shearwater.
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A visualization of all 2153 nuclear weapons exploded on earth since 1945. (via)

Better, as in more rigorous, proof that torture doesn't work for interrogations and the legislation sitting in Congress to mandate techniques that do. Which happen to be more humane. (via)

A new way to tile the plane with pentagons. (via)


Subject quote from "Under Pressure," Queen feat. David Bowie.
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It is the sort of day where cicadas are already buzzing when I leave for work. We're looking at near-record high temperatures all week, too hot for me to bike with insoucience. To take my mind off this, a few links:

The balloon sculptures of Masayoshi Matsumoto. (via)

How many melodies are there? (via)

Why everything you know about wolf packs is wrong: "[S]tudies of wild wolves have found that wolves live in families: two parents along with their younger cubs ... The 'alphas' are simply what we would call in any other social group 'parents.'"


Subject quote from "Snow-flakes," Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.
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Have I been meaning to swot up a post for days? Yes, yes I have. Have I finally managed to? Mmmaybe.

A blistering letter by a disgrunted customer from about 1750 CBE. I love cuneiform tablets, especially the letters. (I need to track down a rigorous citation to a letter, from about a century earlier than this, of a father telling his son No, I won't send more money because Kids These Days.) (via)

This video of the Himalayas from 20,000 ft. is a little frustrating -- the scenes cut too quickly, not letting the majestic scenery speak for itself. (via)

An entertaining and entirely helpful explanation of the (literally) incomprehensibly large Graham's number. Speaking of majestic. (via?)

Or maybe not ...


Subject quote from "All the Pretty Horses."
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An aerial tour of New York by drone that covers all five boroughs and a buttload of bridges. (via)

Content, Forever, as generated by randomwalking through Wikipedia articles. Often entertaining. (via)

Another article from The Journal of Puerile Mathematics. (via)


Subject quote from "Jetpack," Jill Sobule.
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"This American Lear" (via)

How to cut a bagel into two interlocking rings. Spoiler: Use a möbius-strip shaped cut. (via)

Infographic: deaths in the Iliad by the numbers. Patroclus kills more named Trojans than Achilles. (via)

Subject quote from "Under Pressure," Queen feat. David Bowie.
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Looking around the internet, I see:

Timelapse of a supercell thunderstorm in Wyoming. (via and all over)

Finalists for this year's Optical Illusion of the Year award, with the first three being the first/second/third place. More. (via)

Endlessly growing flower, for when you need a nature break but can't get away from your computer. (via)

Subject quote from "Spring," Richard Shindell.
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Last night I had prickly-pear gelato, sitting on a park bench in the warm breeze, watching the the sun slowly set behind the trees. Just thought I'd mention that.

The 2014 Lyttle Lytton Awards are out. I am still chuckling shaking my head over that last one. (via)

Visualizing a bubble sort with Hungarian folk dance. More interpretive dance algorithmic sorts. (via?)

Thanks to &what;, I now know there's a Unicode character that's almost this post icon: 💑. Because Unicode needed it. (via)

Mmmm -- prickly-pear gelato . . .


Subject quote from "Emmonsail's Heath in Winter," John Clare.
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Three links whose provenience I have lost, and so cannot tip the hat:

Favorite jokes of various British scientists.

Some galleries of 3D fractals.

Why we need more than three genders.


Subject quote from "The Leaving of Liverpool" (trad.).
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The Sierpinski triangle page to end most Sierpinski triangle pages™ will tell you just about everything you'll ever need to know about Sierpinski triangles -- unless, possibly, your field is Sierpinski triangles, in which case you already have your own resources (do share). (via)

The most popular names for girls by US State from 1960 to 2012. Or if you want just the animated GIF so you can restart it at will, here. The Jennifersplosion of the '70s is particularly dramatic, breaking up the regional patterns as it does. (via)

Goats do not worry about heights. (via)


Subject quote from "The Breaking Light," Vienna Teng.
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Three links from around here:

How to make sconic sections in your own kitchen. (via)

"Nothing to Prove" by the Doubleclicks and a bunch of handwritten signs that shouldn't freaking have to be held up. (via)

A portal of all the alter-ipsums. (via)


Subject quote from "La Belle Dame Sans Merci," John Keats.
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Links that are deeply connected in my own mind, if possibly nowhere else:

A Flickr gallery of some origami designs of Nguyen Hùng Cuòng. I love that fire scorpion and want instructions NAO. (via)

Chained tic tak toe means a level-up in strategizing. (via lost)

Twelve Tones may be Vi Hart's best video yet, starting with a rewrite of Stravinsky's "The Owl and the Pussicat" as a launch into a meditation on art, patterns, and twelve-tone nursery rhymes about laser bats. And I think all of us will agree, the world needs more nursery rhymes about laser bats. (via)


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