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So where, you may be wondering, is Larry? Well, this weekend, November 9 to 11, I'll be at TusCon 45, doing programming again. This will be TBD's *counts on fingers* 8th? 9th? con. So old hat to them, we hope.

My schedule:

Friday 6-7 pm: People-watching and Observation: How and Why this helps you Build Interesting Characters

Saturday 11-12 am: Autograph session (I'll have the new book!)

Saturday 3-4 pm: Angels, Aliens, and Monsters: Making the Other Accessible

Sunday 9-10 am: How analyzing real speech can show you what NOT to do in fiction dialogue

Needless to say, there is significant overlap between the first and last panels. No origami this time -- I didn't get it together to either propose or plan it. Regardless, if you're there, say Hi.


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