16 January 2017

larryhammer: a symbol used in a traditional Iceland magic spell of protection (protection)
Monday, Monday, a poem for a Monday:

What to Tell the Children, Rachel Kann

Tell them that this is the great awakening.
Tell them that we humans have made some huge mistakes
And that’s how we now find ourselves in this tenuous place.

Teach them that hate is the poison.
Teach them that love is the remedy,
That it is better to be readied for what comes next,
Even if the revelation is painful.

Tell them that this is the paradigm shift,
That the old is collapsing in on itself,
That this death rattle is simply a temper tantrum;
The last gasp of a dying goliath.
Remind them of how they get wild
When they are most tired,
And then pass out,
That this is what it’s about,
That this is what is happening to a decrepit and ineffective empire.

Tell them that everything is not ok,
And knowing that is ok.
Tell them that pretending
That what is unacceptable is fine
Is what got us to this sick and dysfunctional spot on the timeline.

Tell them that love is not just one unending cuddle puddle, but fierce as a mother bear protecting her cubs )

Source: http://hevria.com/rachel/what-to-tell-the-children/

Subject quote from "A Threnody: In Memory of Albert Darasz," William James Linton.

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