2 March 2017

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TBD is three years and ten months old, a.k.a. "going on four." Very going.

Achievements unlocked this last month: closing only one eye, continuously hopping on one foot, eating chicken drumsticks, clucking tongue, subtraction ("If there's three things, and I take one, then there are two" said at random without reference to any physical objects), and numbers in the teens (with glimpses of how further two-digit numbers work: "They keep circling around!").

FWIW, we are raising the sort of child who gets annoyed when a classmate claims that only bees sting, because they know that other insects also do (some from personal experience). It's one of those things, when reading a book about bugs, that you ask about, for every bug.

For a while, the planets were the current subject of interest, as in reading about, asking questions, absorbing the answers, and making connections. (Also being absorbed, less obsessively: dinosaurs and the human body.) To be clear, grownups do the actual reading -- though TBD now finds not being able to read deeply frustrating. As a result, now that numerals are down solid, we're trying hard to learn the alphabet, making this the current absorbing interest -- including repeatedly requesting books that tutor the reader in letters (such as Curious George Learns the Alphabet) and self-drilling using fridge-magnet letters.

Yes, self-drills. This, and asking us to drill them, still floors me. Self-motivated learner much?

Current favorite play at home: cars/trucks/planes, jigsaw puzzles, Busytown: Eye Found It, pretend games, and reading, with relative preferences constantly fluctuating. Current favorite tv: Wonder Pets! and Hurray for Huckle!, with Peppa Pig waning.

In the daily living side of things, we have a growing wardrobe crisis: winter shirts that were comfortably large at the start of the season are now noticeably too short in the torso, leaving us with little more than a week's worth of truly acceptable outfits, slowly added the past two months. Oops. Since most of short-sleeved tops are the same size, we'll have to replace all of those RSN. Hello, consignment shops, we've missed you.

New lisp: initial and medial /l/ often sounds closer to /w/ -- used to be clearer. Dunno what's up with that. Nor with the occasional lingering noun-swaps, as in "There's a sock in your hole" (though subject-object swaps are more common).

And speaking of speaking, talking talking continues:

"Maybe we can play that we are on a march."
(why, yes, we have been to a few protests, why do you ask?)

"I won't lick my friends, only grown-ups."

"Everything is in something."
(welcome to beginning set theory; the context, fwiw, was talking about what's inside stuffies and pillows)

"I'm going to fart at you guys. Daddy, stand back."

Me: "No, flipping the calendar forward a month doesn't make your birthday come any faster."
TBD: "Aw, man."

"I never tried it before so I don't want it."
(Janni considers this karmic revenge, as she got away with this for far too long during her childhood; it turned out to be yummy)

"When I get bigger, I won't know my name."
(lol whut?)

"What happens if you are driving, and there's someone in the back, going to the hospital, and you're driving fast, and you get to construction?"
(Translation: Do you have to slow down for road-work when you have a medical emergency? Janni interprets this as a truck fan's equivalent of "Who would win, Batman or Superman?") (FWIW, an ambulance-driver friend says her SOP is to cuss and then go around the construction.)

"You're so Daddy."
(multiple times, in the intonation of "You're so silly")

"Daddy might know. Daddy might know everything."
(no, I don't -- I'm only a Daddy)

(at bedtime) "I can't lie down because I have so many things to do."

Yes -- yes, you do. (But you still need to go night-night.)


Subject quote from "Just So," Agnes Obel.

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