4 January 2017

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Wednesday reading day, a day, a day-o. Er, sorry -- been improvised singing to TDB more than usual this week. (Singing, singing, away-o.)

Amid all the Yuletide fics, of which I'll post another day (another, other day-o), I've been poking at other stuff, and even finishing some, most notably:

Brust's Hawk, which was a quite satisfying caper. The places Vlad made mistakes were entirely in character for him, heh heh. It will be interesting to watch what he does in the last few books of the series. (I assume Brust hasn't changed the plan of 17 books for each house framed by Taltos at the start and Vladimir at the end?)

Also finished two rereads:
  • Eensy Weensy Monster, Masami Tsuda (2 volumes complete), a fluffy shoujo school romance trapped by a structural conceit into being dragged out for at least three chapters longer than it should have. Despite that and the need to prune my manga shelves, I'm keeping it for its charm.

  • Midnight Flute: Chinese Poems of Love and Longing tr. by Sam Hamill. I can't judge his accuracy here, but in his Japanese, I often find myself arguing. It's still a nice little volume to have on hand as the occasion rises.

Works in progress include Hinton's Classical Chinese Poetry, and collections of Edward Thomas, William Henley, and James Thomson (that is, what he wrote other than City of Dreadful Night), plus a few pages here and there of various poetry anthologies.

And there's nothing more to say, to say-o.


Subject quote from "Among School Children," W.B. Yeats.

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