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Maps of things:

National Geographic has a website that serves you printable versions of any USGS quad. Each quad is packaged as PDF with a lower resolution index plus four pages that each print on letter-sized paper. (via, with other useful map widgets in the comments)

Generated fantasy world maps. (via)

An illustrated flowchart of which Shakespeare play you should see. (via)

Subject quote from "On the Gorilla Trail," Mary Hastings Bradley (mother of Alice Shledon/James Tiptree).
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Following up on yesterday, a short shameful confession:

Despite all reminders to the contrary, my brain persists in thinking that "King Stephen was a worthy peer" was sung in Timon of Athens rather than Othello.


Subject quote from Henry IV Part 2, I.2, William Shakespeare.
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How to title every book you ever write. (via) My debut novel Citrus on Quebec Street will be followed by the disappointing sophomore effort See the Thorn Twist (with the alternate title In Leather, Lace, and Chains in the UK), the collection The Tortoise Camp, then The FORTRAN Programmers, November in Osaka, The Wisdom of Post-it Notes, and Autumnwhaaa.

I admit it: a title like How to Settle Accounts with Your Laundress will make me click though to find out what the heck it is. Spoiler: a one-act farce published in 1847.

Stuff Business People Say. Yes, it's an ad. Yes, I've heard just about every one of these in person. The main wince-worthy one they missed is "out of pocket." (via)


Subject quote from "Abraham Davenport," John Greenleaf Whittier.
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It occurs to me that I've never actually linked to Bartleby's rich collection of poetry anthologies, the source of several I've reported on here (including Poems of Places).

And speaking of high art, given the number of secondary school and university productions of Into the Woods, it's no surprise there's a lot of low budget Milky Whites. My fave. (via)

And speaking of failures, this demo of supposed historical rapid-fire archery (via) is getting critiqued (via) a lot.


Subject quote from "Lines on the View from St. Leonard’s," Thomas Campbell.
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The Buffalo News reviews a meeting of the local Board of Education as an experiment in absurdist theater. (via)

It may not be a catbus, but it is a catkindergarten. Or maybe a katzenkindergarten.

Ten (plus two) skybridges. (via GP)


Subject quote from "Future Foe Scenarios," Silversun Pickups.

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