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2017-08-04 10:43 am

"O wind, rend open the heat, / cut apart the heat, / rend it to tatters."

Links? Links. Some almost fresh:

A widget for performing your daily gender check. The 1d8 + 1d10 + 1d12 are not included, so find your dice bag or an online roller. (via)

Realistic Indiana Jones movies. (via)

Another timelapse of stunning thunderstorms: Pursuit. Watch it in as high a resolution as your intertubes allows. (via)


Subject quote from "Heat," H.D.
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2017-07-27 10:56 am

"sing all your questions to sleep / the answers are out there in the drowning deep"

Three useful links:

The myth of force-quitting apps on iOS will save battery life. (via)

Subway-style maps of Roman roads of Britain (via) and
US rivers. (via)



Subject quote from "Harbor," Vienna Teng.
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2017-07-25 08:30 am

"you're a one-man shift in the weather / you're the woman who just won't sell"

When Girls Studied Planets and the Skies Had No Limits. (via)

Redefining the kilogram, using precise measurements of Planck's constant. Note that despite the article's focus on America's NIST measurement, two groups in other countries have made similarly accurate measurements.

Study shows that having more than one illustration per page-spread makes it harder for early readers to learn new words. Key jargon: Cognitive Load Theory. (via)


Subject quote from "Hope on Fire," Vienna Teng.
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2017-07-07 09:18 am

"though I reverence your ancestries, / I don’t see why you should nibble my peas"

A random heap of fluffy links:

BuzzFeed brings us 99 Very Important Animal Tweets Of 2017. (via)

A new wikitimesink: Wikipedia: The Text Adventure. I'm amused that one of the potted starting points is Hallgrímskirkja. I'm also amused that you can examine and take objects, such as large Icelandic churches. (via)

A cat-purring simulator for stress reduction. You can set parameters for mood, purring style, and how much meowing. Excellent. (via)


Subject quote from "Remonstrance with the Snails," Anonymous.
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2017-06-30 08:40 am

"It will sigh like a thing that is deeply distressed / And it always looks grave at a pun."

How a wildfire kicked up a 45,000-foot column of flames. (via)

The quest to return flavor to supermarket tomatoes. Until this year, my father always grew fresh tomatoes in the garden, often heritage varieties. I never, ever eat supermarket tomatoes. They are yuck. (Except some heritage cherry tomatoes.) (via)

"Something had to go to make room for the [sea] turtles." Namely, giant aquatic sloths. Yes, really. Yes, and a whole bunch of other marine megafauna. But: giant aquatic sloths. (via)


Subject quote from "The Hunting of the Snark," Lewis Carroll.
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2017-06-22 01:43 pm

"How do you spell 'He blew up the Dnieper Dam'?" "I never do."

As usual, three links make a post:

This is What Happens When You Teach an AI to Name Guinea Pigs. (via)

In Japan, robot battles often take place in small sumo rings and are incredibly fast -- these videos are real-time. (via)

Woodswimmer: stop-motion animation of successive cross-sections of wood. "There's a lot going on inside wood." (via)


Subject quote from 'Pogo," Walt Kelly.
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2017-06-16 08:27 am

"Open wide the mind's cage-door, / She'll dart forth, and cloudward soar"

Sometimes, all you come up with is random links:

A selection of photos from this year's Red Bull Illume Image Quest photo competition. Full-screen this one. (via)

New Study Bolsters the Lead-Crime Hypothesis. (via)

It's been a long time since I've played Words with One Beat, so I'll just link this and say no more: History of the United States in Words of One Syllable by Helen Pierson.


Subject quote from "Ever let the Fancy roam," John Keats.
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2017-06-13 07:52 am

"in violent times / you shouldn't have to sell your soul / in black and white"

Three great posts from Jason Kottke:

The 100 best solutions to reverse climate change, ranked.

Michael Lewis and the parable of the lucky man taking the extra cookie.

Systemic racism in America explained in just three minutes.


Subject quote from "Shout," Tears for Fears, which is about political protest not primal scream therapy yes if i could change your mind i'd really like to break your heart.
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2017-06-04 11:18 am

"loud hills shake with its mountain-mirth / As if they did rejoice o'er a young earthquake's birth"

Fractal, a timelapse of supercell thunderstorms with GORGEOUS lighting (and lightning). Bonus: music by Avro Pärt. (via)

An aurora called Steve. (via)

7 ways to maximize your misery. (via)


Subject quote from "Childe Harold's Pilgrimage," Canto iii, Byron.
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2017-06-01 09:06 am

"But I sat and heard / The night-hawks rip the air above my head / Till midnight"

Links content alert: hitting fish.

18 science facts we didn't know at the start of 2017. (via)

Narwhals use their tusks to hunt -- specifically, to tap and stun fish so they can eat them. (via previous link)

Bats argue a lot. (via)

And in conclusion: narwhals are codbonkers.


Subject quote from "The Wanderer," William Ellery Channing.
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2017-05-11 09:51 am

"Blind with thine hair the eyes of Day;/ Kiss her until she be wearied out,/ Then wander"

Four links for the price of three. Get them while they last!

A portal to over 1600 high-resolution maps of US national parks, monuments, recreation areas, and seashores. Search the whole collection or just start with the curator's favorites. (via)

The white ravens of Vancouver Island. (via)

The consequence of napping. Oh so very yes. (via)

Timelapses of spring flowers blooming and autumn leaves turning. (via)


Subject quote from "To Night," Percy Shelley.
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2017-05-02 10:05 am

"In front, the sun climbs slow, how slowly! / But westward, look, the land is bright."

Is it time for a post of links? Yes, it is time for a post of links. Let us link:

Timelapse from the cockpit of an overnight flight from Zurich to São Paulo. (via)

Are speed limits frequently too low? Spoiler: arguably yes, at least in the US. (via)

Portal post reorganizing Wikipedia's list of cognative biases based on what problem each is trying to solve. (via?)


Subject quote from "Say not the Struggle Nought Availeth," Arthur Clough.
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2017-04-21 09:07 am

"We, in some unknown Power's employ, / Move on a rigorous line"

Three obviously related links of awesomeness:

The motion of 2 million stars over 5 million years. (via)

All of NASA's photos and videos in a single, searchable website: Aw, yisssss. (via)

Prince and Muppets. You're welcome. (via)


Subject quote from "Stanzas in Memory of the Author of "Obermann"," Matthew Arnold.
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2017-04-14 12:42 pm

"Beautiful over the housetops, ghastly, phantom moon, / Immense and silent moon"

More links:

Why shoelaces eventually come undone. Short answer: when your foot comes down, the sudden stop tugs a very tiny bit on the free ends of the bow, and the tiny tugs build up. (via)

A solar-powered device that condenses water out of low-humidity air. Mind you, that 20% humidity is pretty moist for a desert: our evaporative cooler works effectively only below that, which is most of the time outside of rainy season. Good stuff anyway.

There is heat below the surface of Enceladus. (via)


Subject quote from "Dirge for Two Veterans," Walt Whitman.