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A random heap of fluffy links:

BuzzFeed brings us 99 Very Important Animal Tweets Of 2017. (via)

A new wikitimesink: Wikipedia: The Text Adventure. I'm amused that one of the potted starting points is Hallgrímskirkja. I'm also amused that you can examine and take objects, such as large Icelandic churches. (via)

A cat-purring simulator for stress reduction. You can set parameters for mood, purring style, and how much meowing. Excellent. (via)


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Sometimes, all you come up with is random links:

A selection of photos from this year's Red Bull Illume Image Quest photo competition. Full-screen this one. (via)

New Study Bolsters the Lead-Crime Hypothesis. (via)

It's been a long time since I've played Words with One Beat, so I'll just link this and say no more: History of the United States in Words of One Syllable by Helen Pierson.


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It is easy to do so, but please do not confuse Lawrence Alma-Tadema with Laurence Alma-Tadema. The former is the painter (birth name: Lourens) and the latter is the poet (birth name: Laurense).

Note that they are indeed related, being father and daughter. The names changed when the family moved from Belgium to England.

Painting of Laurence (behind her sister Anna) by Lawrence.

This public service announcement is brought to you by me (birth name: Laurence) finally figuring this out ...


Subject quote from "somewhere i have never travelled,gladly beyond," E.E. Cummings.
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Once upon a time there were three little pigs who wanted to go out into the world and seek their fortunes. Their Mama said, "Oh no, wait till you are three big pigs -- THEN you can go seek your fortunes."

"But why, Mama?" said the first little pig.

"Well, for one thing," she told them, "there are big, bad wolves in this world."

"What do wolves do?" said the second little pig.

"Well, one thing they do is they huff and they puff and then blow your house down -- and then eat you up."

"Is that why our house is made of bricks?" said the third little pig.

"Exactly," their Mama said. "And why you have no uncles."

The three little pigs nodded, and stayed home practicing building houses until they were big pigs.
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That's my last Duchess painted on the wall.
I've tried, but I can't scrape her off at all.
—Richard Armour
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Short shameful confession: “Tee hee!” quoth she, and clapped the window to is my favorite line from any poem ever.


Subject quote from "Titanium," Sia, David Guetta, Giorgio Tuinfort, & Afrojack.
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Hello, Monday. Have a poem.

Prof of Profs, Geoffrey Brock

I was a math major—fond of all things rational.
It was the first day of my first poetry class.
The prof, with the air of a priest at Latin mass,
told us that we could “make great poetry personal,”

could own it, since poetry we memorize sings
inside us always. By way of illustration
he began reciting Shelley with real passion,
but stopped at “Ozymandias, King of Kings;

Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!” —
because, with that last plosive, his top denture
popped from his mouth and bounced off an empty chair.

He blinked, then offered, as postscript to his lecture,
a promise so splendid it made me give up math:
“More thingth like that will happen in thith clath.”

For those who don't remember their Shelley, here's the poem in question.


Subject quote from "Troilus and Cressida," V.iii, William Shakespeare.
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Public Service Announcement:

A crocheted Totoro stuffie with a pink doctor's kit bandage on one ear and a cast on the other arm is ridiculously cute.

(Pix didn't come out sorry not sorry.)


Subject quote from "Alexander Hamilton," Lin-Manuel Miranda.
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That moment when you realize that someone, somewhere, is making a Jyn/Galen Erso vid to Kate Bush's "Cloudbusting."
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Twenty lessons from the 20th century on resisting the conversion of a democracy to an authoritarian government. (via Janni)

If nothing else in this post, or even this journal, read that. And, if necessary, practice as much as possible.
"The (mostly BS) accusations older generations make about Millennials is that they are overly-sensitive and mollycoddled; stuck in a perpetual childlike mentality. Those generations’ decision to isolate their children from the comings and goings of everyday life, including exposure to people different than themselves out of a combination of fear and prejudice no doubt has had some adverse effects on their children."

On adolescence as a specifically 20th-century cultural construct, and how it has been breaking down.

And on the lighter side, a short compilation of some of the most unsatisfying things in the world. (via)


Subject quote from "In God's Country," U2.
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I regard any anthologist who chooses Spenser's "Prothalamion" over his "Epithalamion" as having, at best, extremely dubious taste.

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TBD is three years and four months old. Hello there, obvious preschooler -- where'd you pop up from? And when did you start asking multipart "why?" questions with subordinate speculations?

Achievements unlocked this month: somersaults, putting on velcro'd shoes (sometimes asking whether the first one is going on the correct foot), undoing buttons (still working on fastening), unlocking the front door with keys, knowing that if you have 1 of something and then 2 more that's 3 things, and making simple puns ("Uncle Bret's name sounds like bread -- Uncle Bread!").

We can reliably enumerate up to 8 objects now, before losing track of which have already been counted, and sometimes up to 11. We're still working on counting to 20 (the mid-teens are confusing). Not clear whether any new letters are recognized, but some numbers seem to be.

Longer stories are now in play: TBD is starting to request and sitting through a chapter book with limited pictures, if read in installments. (We started with a Junie B. Jones tale. 'Cause we found one at the bookstore, that's why.)

Play-acting now encompasses being a superhero while wearing a paper mask (you pick up a lot of those as a toddler - it's an easy craft project to decorate one). The main job of a superhero, btw, is to tell bad guys, "Don't be mean!" and if they don't stop being mean, take away their sword. Or sometimes put out the fire that's burning them -- games shift quickly around here.

We've been informed that the rule of the road is "Don't crash!" This is what police officers tell people when they stop them.

Talking, talking continues:

Janni: "What did you put in your underwear?"
TBD: "A flashlight."
"Why is there a flashlight in your underwear?"
"You do it."
"I don't want a flashlight in my underwear."
"I'm looking for someone who is lost."

(pointing to picture of a family eating pancakes)
TBD: "Lookit. They left the syrup open."
Me: "You're right. I wonder why."
"Maybe because it's hard to open."

(pointing to picture of ants carrying a slice of watermelon towards their nest)
TBD: "How they going to get THAT down [the small tunnel]? :laugh: Maybe they bite off little pieces."

"It's a rumblestorm. Why?"

"When you draw, you see what happens."
(that is, you find out what you've drawn)

"We're going to someplace." (sees me in the kitchen) "Uh oh, this is a cooking place. Let's go." (heads to bedroom)

So it goes.


Subject quote from "The Hosting of the Sidhe," William B. Yeats
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Short, not at all shameful confession:

We've so far managed to raise a toddler to three thinking that Mickey and Minnie Mouse are the same character, named Mickey, who happens to sometimes dress like a boy and sometimes like a girl.

Said toddler currently prefers Mickey's femme form.


Subject quote from an anonymous Tartar song, trans. W.S. Merwin.
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The Periodic Table of Storytelling. Content warning: TV Tropes links. Which is basically the point of the page: an organized portal to key tropes. (via)

Why "Fuck you" isn't an imperative. Tl;dr: "fuck" isn't, here, a verb. (via)

The Legend of Gnome Ann.


Subject quote from "No Surrender," Bruce Springsteen.
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I'm willing to enjoy pickles, by way of modeling foods for TBD, but I draw the line at olives.

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Late June, and after a week of scorchers we've ambiguously moderated to merely very hot but muggy: thunderstorms are flirting with actually, yanno, raining on us, which means we get the heavy air but none of the benefits of storms.

The bugs don't seem to mind, though.
    In the row of oaks
outside an office building,
    cicadas announce
a matinee performance
of the great zerEEEEEE Chorus.
It is startling to realize I'm now working in that building, though it describes just about anyplace in the city.

So it goes.


Subject quote from "The Marshes of Glynn," Sidney Lanier.
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Following up on yesterday, a short shameful confession:

Despite all reminders to the contrary, my brain persists in thinking that "King Stephen was a worthy peer" was sung in Timon of Athens rather than Othello.


Subject quote from Henry IV Part 2, I.2, William Shakespeare.
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Time to check in on some of our animal friends:

A zookeeper valiantly attempts to prevent pandas from climbing into a basket of leaves while she sweeps their enclosure. As the MetaFilter poster put it, apparently that's the best basket in China.

How the heck did giraffes get such long necks? No, seriously, HOW?

Giant octopus kite. (via)

*goes back to watch the panda video again*


Subject quote from "To Autumn," John Keats.

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