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Four links for the price of three. Get them while they last!

A portal to over 1600 high-resolution maps of US national parks, monuments, recreation areas, and seashores. Search the whole collection or just start with the curator's favorites. (via)

The white ravens of Vancouver Island. (via)

The consequence of napping. Oh so very yes. (via)

Timelapses of spring flowers blooming and autumn leaves turning. (via)


Subject quote from "To Night," Percy Shelley.
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Maps of things:

National Geographic has a website that serves you printable versions of any USGS quad. Each quad is packaged as PDF with a lower resolution index plus four pages that each print on letter-sized paper. (via, with other useful map widgets in the comments)

Generated fantasy world maps. (via)

An illustrated flowchart of which Shakespeare play you should see. (via)

Subject quote from "On the Gorilla Trail," Mary Hastings Bradley (mother of Alice Shledon/James Tiptree).
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A new-to-me song variation I rather like:
Rock-a-bye baby in the tree top,
When the wind blows, the cradle will rock.
When the bough breaks, the cradle will fly
And up will go baby into the sky.
Reactions to this are running about 3:1 liking versus finding scary.

Every week, Pop Sonnets posts a new translation of a pop song into an Elizabethan sonnet -- such as "Let It Go," "Don't Stop Believing," and "Baby Got Back." (via)

Deeply researched historical maps. (via)

Kitty-porn, Edo-period woodcuts edition. (via)


Subject slightly quoted from "Childe Harold's Pilgramage" iii.93.8-9, Byron.
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The Five Varieties of Internet Contrarians. (via)

The post is called 40 maps that explain the world, but even they admit they don't explain it all, as there's a sequel list of another 40 -- it's actually an index post for a blog. Not all are equally informative, but there's some interesting ones. (via, I think)

What kind of armor did medieval women warriors really wear? (via, maybe?)


Subject quote from Iphigenia in Tauris, Johann von Goethe.
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I forget who asked for this ([ profile] mme_hardy?), but I finally found it -- recordings of the poems of One Hundred People, One Poem Each being chanted. (Click a poem link in the left frame, then the first link in the right frame, labeled "Windows Media." )

Phonetic descriptions of seven sounds teenagers make, with a recording of examples. (via)

Forty interesting and sometimes even useful maps, slicing geography and demography into different perspectives. (via)


Subject quote from "all the way," Mikuni Shimokawa. (trans: "the sky has no end because it's the mirror of my heart / every day the colors change as if reflecting it")

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