1 March 2017

larryhammer: Tara from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" with Sappho painted on her back - label: "Greek poetry is sexy" (greek poetry is sexy)
A reading of a Wednesday, a reading of a meme:


Marriage Poems ed. John Hollander, who does a good job of keeping the anthology from getting monotonous or predictable. Good and bad experiences are neatly balanced, without hammering on any one note. That said, there's more of Meredith's "Modern Love" than usual for this sort of thing (this is not a defect).

In progress:

I Shall Seal the Heavens by Er Gen to around chapter 765. Bounding along nicely, with scope and stakes scaling with the protagonist's power-ups. Soon, if I'm reading the signs aright, he'll finally find his family and heritage. Plus we're about due for a tragic beat in his arc.

Villanelles ed. Finch & Mali to a little less than ½ in. I find I can read only 10-12 contemporary examples a session before they start blurring and I need a break -- so now it's lunchtime reading at work.


Subject quote from "Assault and Battery," Howard Jones.

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